Having once represented Hong Kong in basketball, Pakho has also worked as a lifeguard, swimming teacher, and piano teacher. He also enjoyed a brief stint as a part-time model, signed to Hong Kong modeling agency Starz People becoming a model and spokesperson for many large companies and brands in Hong Kong.

After a while, he decided to pursue his long-time passion for music, and saved up money to go abroad and learn more about music and production techniques. However, he was encouraged by his modeling manager to stay in Hong Kong, and was soon introduced to a well-known Record Producer in Hong Kong, Chan Kwong Wing. After an initial meeting, Pakho worked in Chan's recording studio as an unpaid engineer for almost two years, recording and producing demos and commercial jingles.

His musical talent was noticed by Chan, and soon Pakho was offered a recording contract and signed to Warner Music Group in 2007. Having learned the piano since the age of 5, and being able to play the guitar, Pakho is also a songwriter. From his debut EP [Beginning], he wrote a song, and penned the lyrics for four others and due to his work experience as a recording studio engineer, Pakho also produces many of his own songs. His debut single, "Same Sky", rapidly gained airplay in Hong Kong, and instantly became a No.1 hit song.

The year after, a duet with Cantonpop starlet Stephanie Cheng was released, called "Nothing Done". This song became massively popular, achieving commercial success and reaching the top of many music charts in Hong Kong. After Pakho slowly transformed into a singer-songwriter, works include "Remember", "Best", "Black", "Get Well Soon", "Irreversible", "My Vow", etc.Due to his success in the market, more and more of big brand such as Adidas Neo Global Spokesman, Levi’s, Aquarius, Samsung Camera, HTC and Puma invite him to be the spokesperson and to participate in their advertisement and promotion campaign.

In late 2012, Pakho held his first solo concert “Imperfect Live” located at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre - Star Hall and successfully established his music in Hong Kong music scene.